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Excursion Beach Diving Baptism

Experience the unforgettable feeling of total freedom by diving with a professional instructor.

Beach Diving Baptism

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Details about Beach Diving Baptism

Experience the feeling of total freedom by diving with an instructor. The instructors will lead you on an unforgettable underwater ride. Experience this wonderful and amazing sport by his baptism under water!

We offer personalized baptism service, diving in the coral park of Buzios, teeming with marine life. It includes all equipment, adaptation and a diving instructor who will be present during the entire activity. In this program, the candidate receives a theoretical instruction (diving knowledge and management of basic equipment, basic physiology, movement, etc.) from an instructor at the dive site. The adaptation is about entering into the water, breathe on the surface with your face in the water, and then a dive of 30 minutes with an average depth of 5-8 meters fully led by an instructor or Dive Master.
It Includes: Cylinders, weights, mask, fins, snorkel, clothes, regulatory and vest, instructions + 30 minutes diving.

Considerations: It is not a diving course, just a dip for those who want to know the sea and have no time to carry out the diving course. The baptism of diving is ideal for those who have never dived before or have not done any diving course but want to experience the wonderful feeling of being under the sea enjoying a whole new world of natural beauty and lush beings experience. After meeting your diving equipment instruction will begin. So you will get used to the use of equipment to acquire sufficient security. In water you will be accompanied by an instructor who will monitor your activity throughout the dive. To ensure the quality of the dive, each instructor plunges into direct contact with a maximum of two people at the same time.

Diving P & P, the company in charge of this activity, can cancel a dive (boat or beach) when conditions are unsafe. In some situations, the decision to abort a dive can only be observed at the time and place chosen. If this happens, your reservation will be automatically transferred to the next day, and if the person can not do it, they will refund the full amount paid for the reservation. The dives are not canceled in case of cloudy weather, rain or windy weather conditions as these usually do not interfere with the water visibility.


- Only cancellation sent by e-mail or phone requests will be accepted.
- The cancellation can be made effective up to 48 working hours before your trip.
- Changes or cancellations made less than 48 hours are non refundable.
- In case of no-show, there will be no refund.

Cancellation on Christmas week:

- We have a 72 hour cancellation policy.
- Changes or cancellations made less than 72 hours are non refundable.

Minimum age required for diving: 8 years old.